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We are happy to chat with you about your NDIS plan. We will do our best to help you. We can point you in the right direction 

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Who i am


I am Steven Leask, founder and consultant of Inspiration Care. I have had Cerebral Palsy since birth, and since the NDIS came in, it has truly motivated me to make a difference for people with disabilities. After experiencing the complexities of the NDIS myself, and knowing people struggle to understand the NDIS, We can assist the people who are planned or self-managed under the NDIS. We also can advise you on the best way to go whether you want to have planned manage or people who are self-managed or agency managed.  

It might take me a few days to do a job but we will give it 110% effort and if we need help we'll ask my colleague from another company and he can help us help you!

Inspiration Care


Inspiration Care is a service for those who have plan or self managed NDIS and is all about the Clients and their desires in life. Here at Inspiration Care we can provide a service for you whether it’s a carer or just need support to get what you need. Inspiration Care is run by a person who has Cerebral Palsy who wants to make the lifestyle for you and your family or your carer stress free and you can rely on Inspiration Care to maintain contact with you or your family.

· We will pay your invoices 

· We will engage with non NDIS or NDIS providers 

· Develop service agreements with your providers 

getting involved with caring


if you are interested in caring for people with disabilities we can point you to a provider in your area or you can help me with administration 

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